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Cash Flow Plan

A month by month spreadsheet for cash flow

Sales Plan

A calculation for determining break even and profitability

Quick-n-Easy Plan

A super-condensed business plan checklist

Accounting 101

Essentials in business accounting

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Caroline Colom Vasquez
CEO of Paloma's Nest

At The Simple Plan Michelle and Kelly share valuable insight covering financials, organizational systems, marketing and more... while always keeping it real and accessible to those of us in creative industries who would rather be designing than calculating the numbers. Time spent at The Simple Plan clarified all of the jargon and vocabulary that seemed difficult to master as a small business owner, and their commitment to continuing education is invaluable. Once you participate in The Simple Plan, Michelle and Kelly will always be an integral part of your team long into the future.

Blair Delaubenfels
President of Junebug Weddings

Sage Wedding Pros has acted as an important partner in the success of Junebug Weddings. They've helped us plan for the future and stay on track to long term profitability, and their no-nonsense, easy-to-understand approach to common sense business has given us a new perspective on business planning. We give Michelle Loretta and Kelly Simants 5 stars for business savvy and we highly recommend them to any company who is looking to increase their profits and overall success in this highly competitive market.

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Most people would think it ridiculous to walk into an airport with a wad of cash, hand it over to the ticket agent and say, “Send me someplace.” Goals are simply chosen destinations that we’ve decided are worth the trip. Without them, somebody else may be deciding on the itinerary for us.

- Barbara Winter
Author of Making a Living Without a Job