Easy-Peasy Hiring and Training Tools

Everything you need to hire, manage, and train employees... all at your fingertips!

The People Plan puts all of the information in one place for you to bring on an employee or team of individuals. We take the work out of interviewing and screening candidates so that you can find your SUPERSTAR. We make calculating payroll and taxes a breeze. We've compiled the sea of IRS and immigration forms so you don't have to. We give you clear-cut info on what it means to be non-exempt, exempt, at-will, and an equal opportunity employer. We give you shortcuts like templates and worksheets to use in your business. We even share lessons on how to mentor and lead your employees... and, even a little insight if conflict arises.

The People Plan is No-Sweat, No-Fuss, Piece-of-Cake, Easy-Peasy Human Resources for your small business!
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