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Business Planning, Goal-Setting, & Analysis

Sage Wedding Pros – 13 step business plan (FREE) (this download is getting a facelift… stay tuned for an update)We think the wedding industry can be made stronger if every small business owner armed themselves with a solid business plan. It is our mission to make this a reality.  Read the posts here.  And, if you wanna learn more, join us at The Simple Plan.

Sage Wedding Pros Quick-N-Easy Business Plan (FREE) 

A quick-n-easy one-sheet designed for you to write a super-simple business plan.  (Yes, you have no excuses to write your plan!)  Read the quick-n-easy business plan post here.

Sage Wedding Pros – SWOT Analysis – FREE

Analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your business. Read the 4-series post starting with this one.

Sage Wedding Pros Monthly Review (FREE)

A guide for doing an overall monthly review of your business.  Read the monthly review post here.

Sage Wedding Pros – A New Year! A New Plan! – 2012 Planning Workbook ($10)

A 17-page Word document with exercises and activities for examining your past performance, your present state, and your future plans.  Read the 2012 planning posts here.



The 2015 Action Plan is a 34 page book that will help you chart out the upcoming year. (It’s world famous! This is our 4th release and people love it.)  The download file includes 12 additional templates, spreadsheets, charts, and documents to supplement the workbook.

You can read more about the 2015 Action Plan here.




Sage Wedding Pros – Vendor Networking Sheet (FREE)

An excel template for tracking your vendor networking.  Read the promotional startegies post here.

Sage Wedding Pros – Competitive Marketing Analysis (FREE)

Identify 3-5 competitors and identify their characteristics with the purpose of learning how you can stand out from your competitors.

 Sage Wedding Pros – Pricing TEST & Sales Plan (how many weddings to earn a living) ($10)

Calculate how many weddings you need to do to be profitable!  (And – how many you have to do to earn a decent living.)  An excel template that sets your break-even sales and your targeted sales amounts.  This worksheet is a GREAT way to test your pricing.  (ARE YOU PRICED sufficiently to achieve financial sustainability?)   Numbers auto-calculate (no math!)  This compliments the budget (above).  Read the sales plan post here.

Sage Wedding Pros – Inquiry & Sales Tracking Sheet ($5)

An excel spreadsheet for tracking the timing and flow of your inquiries, appointments, sales, and cash.  Track the seasonality of your business.  Read the post on tracking inquiry and sales here.

Sage Wedding Pros – Promotional Plan & Goal Sheet ($10)

An excel spreadsheet for identifying goals for promoting your business.  The spreadsheet shows month-by-month sales quota for all of your promotional activities (advertising, networking, editorial, etc.)  It also asks you to estimate any costs or time associated with these activities.  Read the post on marketing/promotional strategy here.

Sage Wedding Pros – Tracking the ROI on your Ads and Other Promotional Activities ($10)

An excel spreadsheet for you to track your leads and referral sources.  The spreadsheet calculates the ROI and conversion rate for each referral source so that you can see which ads, bridal shows, and other promotional investments are paying off.  Read the ROI post here.


Finance & Accounting

Sage Wedding Pros – MonthlyBudget (FREE)

An expel spreadsheet to aid in writing an expense budget (monthly and yearly).  Read the budgeting post here.

Accounting 101 for Wedding Professionals E-book ($2)
A 15-page e-book with our Accounting 101 series.  Learn how to get organized, basic terminology, and how to use Quickbooks.  Read Accounting 101 here.
Sage Wedding Pros – Cash Flow Plan ($5)
An excel spreadsheet to help you plan your cash flow over 12 months.  Learn how to plan for seasonality and streamline your cash flow.  Read Cash Flow Planning here.



Sage Wedding Pros – Project Management Schedule in Excel (FREE)

An excel spreadsheet to help you manage your projects.  Visit our systems/process series here.

Sage Wedding Pros – Onboarding Plan for New Hires ($5)

A step-by-step plan for how you’re going to “onboard” – or – set up an employee for success with your company. Visit the onboarding post here.

Sage Wedding Pros – Employee Handbook Template – $45

An employee handbook is a guide of company rules, protocols, and standards. Click here to see everything this handbook includes. Click here to see a special bundle with The People Plan.


Make sure to check out our easy-peasy hiring, training, and management tools!


The People Plan is your Human Resources in a box: 





Sage Wedding Pros – Start-up Checklist ($5)
A 2-page checklist of 30 concise steps to guide you in the start of your wedding business.  Read the start-up “first things first” post here.


 Life Lessons

Sage Wedding Pros On Vacation Feeling (FREE) (a process to clear your mind and desk)

How to feel free of everything… before vacation… or to enjoy your weekend.  Read the “on vacation” feeling post here.


What is it that you REALLY want to accomplish in the next 3 months, 6 months, 12 months?  Read the post(s) here.


November 3, 2009 - 10:17 am

Stinkerpants Designs: the Blog » Blog Archive » Business Stuff: Writing a Business Plan - […] Sage Wedding Pros 13 Step business plan: this is a fabulous resource for creative businesses– not just for people running wedding-related businesses! […]

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Cynthia Randolph - I am glad that you have these different items available. If you have any other information in the future I do look forward to it. Do you have any suggestions about contracts?

September 27, 2012 - 7:32 am

Essential Tools For WedBiz With Michelle Loretta of Sage Wedding Pros | Bridal Show 2012 - […] A: Decide: 1) avg price for 1 wedding avg costs of sales for 1 wedding 2) expenses for yr 3) earnings (profit) GOAL for yr. Then, use this formula: # weddings = (Profit Goal + Expenses) divided by (Average Price – Average Cost).  ha! that formula may be insane for some of you! #ALGEBRA :) We have a download here:  […]

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