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Use Your Day Job to Better Prepare for Your Business

For those of you with “day jobs” outside of the business you are building, it can seem like getting to “full time” can take FOREVER. Be patient. Until then, use your day job as a building block. Here’s the thing… and I’ll speak from experience as an entrepreneur for the last 9 years… when it’s […]

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Be Patient with your Day Job

I talk to many of you who are dying to get out of a day job and can’t do so fast enough. Be patient. Did you know that Kelly Simants had a full-time job for 7 years before she went full-time with Sweet Pea Events? I had an odd assortment of part-time jobs for about […]

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Business Partnerships – Case Studies

On Tuesday I talked about the Pros and Cons of structuring your business as a Partnership, and yesterday I reviewed how to outline your Roles and Responsibilities between business partners.  Today, I want to take a look at a few successful Partnership stories as I think it’s interesting and helpful to look outside of the wedding industry to […]

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The Pros and Cons of Partnership Agreements

Image: Creative Commons There are several ways to structure a business, but this week I’m going to be doing a three part series specifically on Partnership Agreements.  Today I want to highlight the pros and cons of this business structure, tomorrow I’ll be discussing how to define each partner’s roles and responsibilities, and then Thursday we’ll […]

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Alternate Business Opportunities – Licensing

Most of us get bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and don’t look back.  We decide that we are going to launch a business and make it our own.  I’m always surprised that more people don’t look at other entrepreneurial opportunities such as franchising and licensing.  Taking on a franchise or licensing a brand can be […]

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