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Simple Tips to Better Manage Your Calendar & Meetings

A few years ago, I found myself running ragged as a Wedding Planner.  I was spending the majority of my time driving from meeting to meeting, with little time spent in the office.  Even though I was batching the majority of my meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I was still spending WAY too much time in […]

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EASY-PEASY To-Do List Pads Available for Sale

psssstttt…. we’ve got some cool to-do lists available that’ll help you prioritize your daily tasks! EXCITING! But, first I wanna explain the method to my daily madness in hopes that it helps you too… I have a really simple method for managing my daily tasks and prioritizing. (Folks – it’s ALL about prioritizing!) Here is […]

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Spring Cleaning: 3 Steps for a Clean Computer Workspace

Today is the first day of spring (in the Northern hemisphere)… HURRAH!  So, how about a little spring cleaning?  When it comes to cleaning your office space, there are visual cues that move you to get organized.  Papers are piled up beyond control.  Wedding inventory, props, samples, books surround you everywhere.  You get to a […]

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