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Damage Control

Outstanding customer service isn’t just about meeting client demands. Outstanding customer service is about solving problems, fixing mistakes, and good ol’ fashioned damage control. In an ideal world problems don’t happen. We know that isn’t the case in the real world. And, we know that no wedding is without its series of unforeseen events. What […]

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Getting Paid, Part 3

This week, I’m making sure YOU get paid!    On Tuesday, we looked at some changes you can make to your contract so that you safeguard yourself against non-payment.  Yesterday, I shared my favorite tools for invoicing clients.  Today, it’s time to tackle the ugly:  WHAT if your client doesn’t pay you?  ACK – the […]

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Getting Paid, Part 2

This week we are discussing GETTING PAID.  Have you ever faced a non-paying client?  These posts should help you prevent future problems.  Yesterday, I shared how your contract can safeguard you from non-payment.  Today, let’s talk about ways to make it easy for your customers to pay you.  The easier you make the payment process, […]

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H o m e
C o n n e c t
S u b s c r i b e
S e a r c h