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When Your Average Price is Too Low

Yesterday, I shared my thoughts on how important it is to know the average price of the weddings that you are booking. You can have a very solid pricing strategy. But, when it comes to actually booking clients… if you tend to book the lowest priced service offering, you aren’t going to achieve your sales […]

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What is Your Average Price for Weddings?

Not achieving your financial goals? There are so many factors that go into profitability and financial sustainability in a small business. In the wedding business, pricing is a critical component… NOT ONLY how you are priced, but also the price that you are actually booking clients. You may have incredibly solid pricing structure and strategy. But the mix of […]

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Branding Case Study: Leslie Vega Design & Goldenberry Paper

From time to time we invite one of our Sage Branding Specialists to share some of their “before and after” design work with us.  By learning from these case studies you’ll be better able to see branding identity go through an evolution, gain strength, and come to life. I’m excited to share today’s branding case study with […]

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