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Announcing: The Simple Plan Workshop – San Francisco – May 18-19

Join us for easy-peasy business planning in San Francisco this May 18-19, 2015!


The Simple Plan is our 2-day workshop where we guide wedding pros through the writing of their business plans. (You will walk out of the workshop with a written plan in hand.) Our goal is to give you a solid foundation for success in:

– your business’s over-arching vision
– your marketing strategy
– your operational strategy
– your financial strategy

Business planning is goal-setting at its best… for wedding pros, at every stage of their business. (Goal-setting never ends.)

The Simple Plan Workshop
Easy-peasy Business Planning
May 18-19, 2015
Blu Bungalow – San Francisco, CA

Learn more and register for the workshop by clicking here.

A BIG BIG thank you to our gracious host and sponsor, Blu Bungalow. They have been so attentive to all of our needs! We can’t wait to work in this lovely wedding studio.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 11.08.28 AM

Watch this lovely little video to see us in action at The Simple Plan:

Sage Wedding Pros – The Simple Plan from Bella Films {Beth Oslander} on Vimeo.

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Learn to Delegate: Which Tasks Should You Relinquish Control Over?

When you run your own wedding business, it can be a challenge to keep track of all of your clients and their individual needs. No matter how organized you are, no matter what kind of notes you keep, something is bound to fall through the cracks sooner or later. When that moment comes, you will realize that you simply cannot do it all by yourself — you need help.

checklist-150938_1280Why Delegation Is Important

Would you label yourself a control freak? No? What about your friends and staff members — they might have a different opinion. (Sorry – just using my years of observation to call you out! HA!;))

Small business owners have a tendency to try to control every aspect of their businesses. You’ve built your business from the ground up, after all, and you’d hate to see it flounder in the hands of another. The key to success for some of the most lucrative wedding businesses out there, however, is delegation — creating a division of labor and assigning the right people to the job.

Rather than putting an average level of effort into all aspects of your wedding business by yourself, why not delegate a few things so that every task gets the attention and level of expertise that it deserves? You still need to provide some oversight and guidance, of course, but letting someone else handle the details will take a great deal of stress off your plate, and it will yield better results.

5 Steps for Learning to Delegate

There is a right way and a wrong way to implement delegation in your wedding business. You cannot simply make a list of tasks to be completed then hand them out willy-nilly. You need to think carefully about which tasks you should keep for yourself and then draw from your pool of staff members to find the right person for the rest of the jobs to be completed. Follow the steps below to determine which tasks you should delegate and which you should keep for yourself:

  1. Make a list of all the tasks that need to be done — this list could apply to a certain client’s wedding, or it could apply to your business as a whole.
  2. Review the list and circle the tasks that you do not enjoy doing — everyone has different gifts and different fields of expertise, so if you do not enjoy keeping track of your business’ finances but one of your staff members has a history in accounting, hand it over! (Or – outsource this to a bookkeeper. You can delegate to people OUTSIDE of your business.)
  3. Start small by choosing three tasks from the list to delegate — select three tasks that are important to get done and that you do not mind handing over to someone else. (That’s it! THREE!)
  4. Assign these tasks to the people you think are best qualified to complete them — it also helps if those people enjoy the type of work required for the task.
  5. Take a deep breath and let it go — once you’ve assigned your tasks to the right people, you need to step back and let them work. Make sure you’ve trained them adequately, make yourself available for questions, and check in now and then for progress reports, but do not micromanage.

Now that you have a good idea what it means to delegate and how to go about choosing the right people for the job, you can take some time to think about which tasks you should relinquish control over for your own business. Do you have a staff member who is gifted with website design or maybe someone who loves to speak with clients over the phone? Perhaps one of your staff is eager to take on more responsibility in the company. The options for delegation are endless — it all depends on what tasks you enjoy doing, those you do not, and what kind of skills and expertise your staff members have.

Remember, it is more important to have the right person assigned to the job at hand than to try to handle everything yourself. That is the best way to grow your business.

How have you managed delegation? Share your success tips in a comment below.

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Michelle Loretta to speak at The Boss Retreat

I’m excited to share that I will be speaking at The Boss Retreat this November! I’ll be sharing some business smarts with boss ladies in the industry. bossretreatlogo1

The Boss Retreat is an intimate retreat with a focus on not only inspiring and educating, but building stronger relationships with women in the wedding industry. Attendees will learn practical, hands-on information. From building your brand, to pricing strategies to social media, our industry-leader speakers will encourage and inspire you to refocus your goals and be your best BOSS. Every BOSS lady needs a little time off to herself to refresh and rejuvenate, that’s why we picked a lakeside boutique hotel and spa, nestled in downtown Niagara-on-the-Lake wine country.

The Details

The BOSS retreat is a two and a half day workshop taking place at the Oban Inn and Spa on November 16-18. The hotel is located in center of downtown Niagara-on-the-Lake, within walking distance to adorable one-of-a-kind shops & boutiques. 


Registration opens March 1st 2015 at midnight. You can purchase your tickets to the Boss Retreat here.

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Announcing Be Sage Conference Speaker: Beth Helmstetter, Beth Helmstetter Events

I am so happy to share that Beth Helmstetter will be joining us as a speaker for Be Sage Conference this November 1-3 in Dallas!

Our strategy with Be Sage Conference is pretty straight-forward. We create a list of questions that experienced wedding pros come to us with. And, then we build the curriculum and tools around those questions. As businesses in the industry grow, owners often consider the expansion of their service offerings.

  • How can I diversify my services?
  • How can I create consistency in these added services?
  • As I expand my business and take on new employees, how do I ensure the same level of commitment and quality to my clients?
  • What’s it like to service weddings overseas? And, what’s it like to do it VERY WELL time after time after time?

We’ve asked Beth to speak on what it really looks like to design destination weddings. (She has some impressive systems to ensure that Beth Helmstetter Events can be replicated ANYWHERE in the world!) This will be a great learning experience for anyone looking to change/expand the services they offer.

Here’s a little more about Beth:

Beth Helmstetter is the owner and principle event designer at Beth Helmstetter Events. Beth Helmstetter Events is a boutique event design studio based in Los Angeles specializing in intimate weddings throughout the world. She has created multi day celebrations everywhere from Bali to Paris to Central America and throughout the United States. While Beth obsesses over every guest touch point and detail throughout the event experience, every moment is executed in an effortless way, ultimately creating an intimate and approachable environment that is reflective of her clients.

Armed with an MBA, Beth depends on her business savvy as much as her design aesthetic to create flawlessly executed events across the globe. Travel & Leisure magazine named Beth one of the top 5 wedding planners in the world. She’s on Martha Stewart’s list for top planners in the nation and Destination Weddings & Honeymoon’s A-List for top destination wedding planners in the world. And Flower Magazine named her one of the top 5 event designers in the nation. In addition to these honors, her work is regularly featured in Martha Stewart Magazine, Bride’s, Bridal Guide and all of the top wedding blogs including Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, Once Wed, Snippet and Ink and many others. She has also been featured in People magazine as well as US Weekly for her work with a variety of high profile clients.

We’ll see you this November in Dallas!


Registration is open for Be Sage Conference.



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Are You Looking for Work-Life Balance?

Yesterday I wrote about the myth of doing it all. People who appear to be doing it all are actually doing quite the opposite. (I’m one of those people.)

‘Balance’ is more about having peace with your life. And each person must have his own definition of peace.

creative commons license: freestockphotos.biz

What are the things that make you feel at peace? My list is short:

  • exercise
  • sleep
  • reading
  • coffee in the morning

And, the introvert in me, doesn’t want too many social commitments. (But – the outgoing part of me enjoys a good party from time to time.)

That’s it. Pretty simple.

Here’s one of the most meaningful things I’ve learned in life: I’m not missing out on anything. Everything that contributes to my peace is in my hands, within my control, and attainable.

It’s NOT about wanting what the neighbors have.
It’s NOT about seeing a competitor and wishing my website was as sparkly as theirs.
It’s NOT about wishing I hadn’t missed that party last night.
It’s NOT about wishing I was 20 lbs skinnier.
It’s NOT about wishing I had a better house/car/vacation.
It’s NOT about wanting… wanting is a waste of time… it’s a waste of my inner peace.

FOMO is real. But, I don’t play that.

Anyways… these last 2 days of posts from me haven’t been very business-y… but I want you to think about this:

what contributes to your peace? 

Live in that place. That is what will contribute to feeling balanced in your life.

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February 23, 2015 - 8:04 pm

Frances vagias - Ty so much ! Great articles!!

H o m e
C o n n e c t
S u b s c r i b e
S e a r c h